Osteoporosis. “Glass fragility”

Many topics have not yet been covered in this blog. Today my attention was attracted by the problem – OSTEOPOROSIS.

Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density due to impaired calcium-phosphorus metabolism and more.

Let me explain why this problem is urgent: more and more often one has to deal with the “sad” consequences of already advanced forms of osteoporosis. These are compression fractures of the vertebral bodies (even under the weight of their own body without bumps or falls), with compression of the nerve roots and persistent pain syndrome, more often in the lumbar region, hip fractures and, as a result, immobility or immobility of the patient.

The main feature of osteoporosis is that the initial manifestations do not “let you know” about themselves – the destruction of the bone is asymptomatic. 🙁

There is an opinion that osteoporosis is a disease of the elderly, during the “deep” menopause (since it is more typical for women). But practice shows that osteoporosis can occur at any age – in adolescents, women of the reproductive period and in men.

The risk of developing osteoporosis increases in women who have given birth many times with a long period of feeding, women with an irregular cycle and “delays” of 60 days or more, women with early menopause who take prednisone and some other drugs as indicated, suffering from such endocrine diseases as hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism (at high doses of Thyroxin), Cushing’s syndrome, etc.

In children, the reason may be in violation of the laying of bone tissue.

The first sign of trouble may be a more frequent visit to the dentist, his phrases about the progression of caries and advice “do not you check your calcium metabolism.”

Residents of the northwestern region are more susceptible to calcium metabolism disorders, because our water has a low calcium content, there is an insufficient intake of milk, cottage cheese, there is a deficiency of sunlight (and this is one of the sources of vitamin D formation, which helps to absorb calcium).

I will answer the naturally arising question: “How to be examined?” – take a picture for osteoporosis, this examination is called – Densitometry (done in many medical institutions of the city). It will also be necessary to donate blood for calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone, in some cases tests will be required for other hormones and trace elements, since osteoporosis has many causes and aggravating factors.

“Who treats this pathology?” – endocrinologist, rheumatologist, less often therapist and gynecologist.

“What is the treatment for?” – there are many groups of drugs, these are bisphosphonates https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphosphonate, derivatives of alendric acid, calcium preparations and others. This disease is amenable to correction. In any case, self-medication is inappropriate, only a doctor will select the correct therapy.